Capabilities / Manufacturing

Turning and Milling

With over 30 years’ experience in turning and milling applications, SUMMIT AEROSPACE USA INC. (SAUI) is focused on excellence in machining services. SAUI’s equipment and technology are continuously updated. SAUI has excelled in reducing cycle times using unique machining solutions and knowledge in order to increase our production rates and offer competitive pricing. Our machining capabilities enable fabrication of prototype, first off, and custom volume production.  SAUI is capable of machining components as small as 1/8”, mill parts as large as 42” and turn parts as large as 33”.  SAUI regularly holds tolerances of +/-.000,1 inch.   Our expertise includes:

  • Seven (7) CNC machining centers
  • Twelve (12) CNC Lathes
  • Precision CNC and manual milling and turning
  • NC / CNC programming
  • Custom fixture design and manufacturing
  • Custom Tools and Fixtures
  • CAD/CAM and Prototyping


Engineering Support

SUMMIT AEROSAPCE USA INC. (SAUI) has partnered with Hypernetics – A Division of Plaintree Systems Inc. ( which is a full service engineering design firm providing core expertise in high performance electromagnetic sensors, alternators, movements and actuators.  SAUI has direct access to Hypernetics engineering for technical support.


Summit Aerospace USA INC. (SAUI) equipment is constantly upgraded to be keep up with the latest in technological advancements. 

  • Seven CNC mills
  • Four mills with 5 axes
  • Twelve CNC lathes


DMU 80 Duo Block 5 Axes Milling Center                       DMU 80 P hi-dyn 5 Axes Milling Center

Okuma LB45 II Turning Center                                        Okuma LB35 Turning Center II


Equipment List


  • Deckel Maho – DMU 80P Duo Block                      
  • Deckel Maho – DMU 80P hy-dyn
  • Deckel Maho – DMU 70V    
  • Deckel Maho – DMU 60       
  • Deckel – FP3NC                    
  • Deckel – FP4MA                   
  • Okuma – MC4VAE                                       


  • Okuma LB15 
  • Okuma – LB25
  • Okuma – LB35II x 3
  • Okuma – LB45II
  • Okuma – LNC8 x 2
  • Okuma – LU15
  • Okuma – LU25
  • Okuma – 762S x 2