When it comes to lean manufacturing in precision machining, SUMMIT AEROSPACE USA INC. (SAUI) is second to none. Our high end machine tools allow SAUI to adhere to the tightest tolerances on the complex components demanded by our customers. SAUI’s products are found in the demanding harsh environment applications of aircraft engines. The high strength and hardness of the alloys SAUI machines, combined with their complex shapes and precision tolerances, necessitate more challenging machining methods and rigid machine tools.

SAUI is devoted to delivering innovative machining solutions through innovative manufacturing processes. SAUI can address the demanding requirements of your organization.

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Precision 5 CNC Axis Milling, Precision CNC Turning, ITAR Registered, Military/Commercial applications, Capable of machining nickel-based super alloys, Advanced materials, Machining of aircraft & helicopter engine components, Prototype & Production matching capabilities, Innovation, High value machining.